How Your New Orlando Home
   Is Managed For You....

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Management of Your New Orlando Home

The way your home is managed is quite unique within the industry. Our Structure has the British and Irish owner very much at the forefront of our minds.

The day to day management of your home is handled by our team in Orlando but it's the staff in the UK office who will deal directly with the owners.

The administration, marketing and rental departments are all run from the UK office which is responsible for issues such as applying for licenses for your home; paying all sales and tourist development taxes and managing your owner accounts.

The team on the ground in Orlando will liaise many times throughout the day with the UK office updating them on any developments within the homes. It is their responsibility to ensure all of the maintenance tasks and guests queries are dealt with in an efficient manner.


This is the best solution for UK and Irish based owners because:

Tick The office is working within the same time zone which makes it much easier for owners to get answers to questions in a timely manner.

Tick These questions will normally concern a query in an owner account or a question about a future rental which the UK staff are better placed to answer

Tick You are getting somebody of the same culture who understands your concerns. The feedback we have received from owners over the years demonstrates that they feel more comfortable dealing with a member of staff who is from the UK or Ireland.

Tick Jill & Paul work 80% of the time from the UK office and are always on hand to give advice to owners if they have a problem that needs solving or a question that needs answering.  

The US team are responsible
for the following:

Tick Pool Cleaning
Tick Pest Control  
Tick Housekeeping  
Tick Lawn Care  
Tick Regular Lawn Care  
Tick AC Units  
Tick Maintenance  

Owner Accounts

The owner accounts will be posted each month very much in the form you receive your bank statements. These will show all charges being deducted such as pool, lawns, cleaning etc and will also show rental income being applied. We ask that all owners maintain a minimum balance of $750 each month. The accounts are available to view online 24 /7 through our property management software

Voted Orlando's Top Rental Manager in 2012 and 2013 by Trip Advisor

When you purchase your home through us you join our rental management programme for free
(this is normally $3,000 to clients who have not bought through us).

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